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"Ok I read the first one... I am hooked and will definitely propose marriage soon."
"I love [her]! She's great! Which days does she post?"

You Gotta Have Balls, Sept. 29, '97
"A lot of times I wish I had balls (I assume I need not ask you to take me figuratively). The outspoken, the opinionated, the curious, the ball-endowed -- they usually get what they want."

Toilet Reading, Oct. 21, '97
"I think designer Marc Jacobs explained our love for shoes best: "Women look through magazines and say, `I don't have a body like Kate Moss, but I have a foot like Kate Moss.'"
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Not Another Column About Racism, Nov. 6, '97

Representin' For The Yellow Folks, Nov. 24, '97
"I was observing a stone statue of a nude woman at the Museum of Fine Arts with my male friend, who commented, 'She has very nice breasts.' To which I automatically retorted, 'Ah, they're fake.'"

Show 'em you're a tiger, Jan. 1, '98
'Boy was I jealous. I mean, I could just as easily write, "Hey, I know rape is bad, but sometimes I've fantasized about meeting Chris O'Donnell in a bar, slipping Rohypnol in his martini and having my way with him `til dawn." Maybe I could get more attention if I just made a flat out statement that blatantly opposes the sentiments of the entire campus, like, "Vartan Gregorian really sucked as president." Or, "Dean Desrochers deserves a promotion and hefty raise."'

Getting your white collar dirty, March 17, '98