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"True Men Don't Kill Coyotes" by Dave Thompson has been recommended to me as a great source of RHCP info, but I haven't read it.

Also: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Xavi Cervantes, 1995. Ed: Editorial La Mascara. ISBN 84-7974-091-4 (spanish)

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    Hollywood (Africa) EP featuring *"HOLLYWOOD (Africa)" extended dance mix (6:32) b/w dub mix (7:39) and "Nevermind" (2:43) V7862-1/2 Produced by George Clinton *Additional Production Steve Thompson *Remixed by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero 1985, EMI America Records, A division of Capitol Records, Inc. Label (jpg, 58k) Sticker (jpg, 96k) (from smak)

    Red Hot Chili Peppers (CD P7906162) ??? (CD E2 90616) (Canada) (CD E21Y-90616) (USA) (CD CDMTL-1056) (UK) (CD ASD-790616-2) (Germany) (LP ???) (LP MTL 1056) (1991 - UK repressing) (TAPE E4-90616) EMI 1984 True Men Don't Kill Coyotes Baby Appeal Buckle Down Get up & Jump Why Don't You Love Me (cover of a Hank Williams, Sr. song) Green Heaven Mommy Where's Daddy (written by Frank Zappa) Out in L.A. Police Helicopter You Always Sing Grand Pappy Du Plenty

    Freaky Styley (CD P7906072) ??? (CD E2 90617) ??? (CD E21Y-90617) (USA) (CD CDMTL-1057) (UK) (CD ASD-790617-2) (Germany) (CD E2-90617) (Canada) (LP ST-17168) (LP MTL 1057) (1991? - UK repressing) - w/out the inner sleeve with the lyrics. (TAPE E4-90617) EMI 1985 Jungle Man Hollywood (cover of "Africa" by the Meters) Amercian Ghost Dance If You Want Me to Stay (cover of a Sly Stone song) Nevermind Freaky Styley Blackeyed Blonde The Brothers Cup Battle Ship Lovin' and Touchin' Catholic School Girls Rule Sex Rap Thirty Dirty Birds Yertle the Turtle (lyrics taken from Dr. Seuss story of the same name)

    Fight Like a Brave EP (12" SPRO79147) - Promotional Copy EMI USA 1987 (The cover is a b&w picture of the band taken through a fish-eye lens) Both sides contains the LP version of "Fight Like a Brave"

    Fight Like a Brave (7" EMI EA241) EMI UK 1987 (the cover is the same as the 12" mentioned above) Fight Like a Brave Fire
    The Uplift Mofo Party Plan (CD P7480362) ??? (CD E2 48036) (???) (CD E21Y-48036) (USA) (CD CDAML-3125) (UK) (CD ASD-748036-2) (Germany) (CD CP32-5552) (Japan - TOSHIBA) (CD E2-48036) (Canada) (LP AML 3125) (UK) (TAPE E4 48036) EMI 1987 Fight Like a Brave Funky Crime Me + My Friends Backwoods Skinny Sweaty Man Behind the Sun Subterranean Homesick Blues (cover of a Bob Dylan tune) Special Secret Song Inside No Chump Love Sucker Walkin' on Down the Road Love Trilogy Organic Anit-Beat Box Band
    Fight Like a Brave EP (12" 12EA241) (12" 12EAP241) picture disc - the band naked with socks EMI UK 1987 (The cover is a color picture of the band taken through a fish-eye lens) Fight Like a Brave (Mofo Mix) Fight Like a Brave (Knucklehead Mix) Fire
    Behind The Sun DigiPak (CD 8803642) (Australia) ? 1992 Behind The Sun (4.40) Higher Ground (pearly 12")(6:11) If You Want Me To Stay (Pink Mustang Mix) (7:03) Knock Me Down (3.41) 'it has a painting of a Dolphin poking its head out of the water and The RHCP logo in the top left hand corner, and on the back has a large yellow star with the RHCP logo in the center of it. and to the right hand side a smalll picture of the "What hits" album.' - Craig Hawker <>

    Abbey Road EP (TAPE E4 90869) (CD E2 90869) ??? (CD E21Y-90869) (USA) (CD E21K-90869) (Canada) EMI 1988 Fire Backwoods Catholic School Girls Rule Hollywood (Africa) True Men Don't Kill Coyotes
    Abbey Road (7" MT41) EMI 1989 Backwoods Hollywood (Africa) True Men Don't Kill Coyotes

    Mother's Milk (CD E21S-92152) (USA) (CD E2 92152) ???? (CD CDP 792152-2) (UK) (CD 792152-2) (Germany) (CD P 7921522) ???? (CD CP32-5921) (Japan - Toshiba) (CD E2-92152) (Canada) (CD E21S-93911) (USA-alternate cover) (CD E2 93911) ??? (LP ???) (LP MTL 1046) (UK) (TAPE E4-92152) EMI 1989 Good Time Boys (samples from: "Bonin in the Boneyard" by Fishbone ???? by Firehose "Livin with a White Girl" by X) Higher Ground (a Stevie Wonder Cover) Subway to Venus Magic Johnson Nobdy Weird Like Me Knock Me Down Taste the Pain Stone Cold Bush Fire (a Hendrix cover) Pretty Little Ditty Punk Rock Classic Sexy Mexican Maid Johnny, Kick a Hole in the Sky

    Knock Me Down (spro-4337) 1. knock me down 2. millionaires against hunger "from the forthcoming album mother's milk"
    Unbridled Funk and Roll 4 your Soul ! (CD E2-50285) EMI 1989 Taste The Pain As featured in the motion picture "Say Anything" Millionaires Against Hunger Produced by George Clinton during the "Freaky Styley" sessions Castles (J. Hendrix) Mobile Recording by Westwood One at the Phantasy Theatre, Cleveland 11/21/89 Higher Ground (Daddy-O Mix) Remix and additional production by Daddy-O. only exists as a CD and only in the USA
    Taste the Pain promo CD (CD DPRO 04502) EMI 1. Taste The Pain 2. Castles(J.Hendrix) 3. Special Secret Song Inside W/intro 4. F.U. "was released twice, the first release was pulled off shelves after about a month, I have no idea what the front cover looks like, but the CD is the same pattern only gray and the picture on the back is from the same jam session, (Higher ground video) but it's B/W.The on I have is the only one I've ever ever ever seen........The only difference in the albums is instead of MILLIONAIRES AGAINST HUNGER, the song F.U. is on there, if your a RHCP fan like me you've heard it, but if not it's a live cut and they usually only do it in concert." - "The reason why it differs from the commercial Taste The Pain cd is simple, it's A PROMO CD!! That's why there isn't any front-cover booklet, the CD's and backcover's colorings are different and the tracklisting is different."
    Higher Ground (12" 12MT75) (single MT75) EMI UK 1989 (The cover is made of shots from the video) Politician (Mini Rap) Higher Ground (Munchkin mix) Higher Ground (Dub Mix) Mommy Where's Daddy (the single just has Higher Ground and Millionaires Against Hunger) I would think the 12" would have Millionaires Against Hunger, but I guess not..
    Higher Ground (12" 12MT70 ) EMI UK 1989 (The cover shows the band in underwear standing by an elephant) Knock Me Down Punk Rock Classic Magic Johnson Special Secret Song Inside
    Knock me Down EP (CD DPRO 4380) EMI 1989? Knock me Down Millionaires against Hunger ( same as on Unbridled Funk and Roll 4 your Soul !) Fire Punk Rock Classic
    Knock Me Down(???) (12" 12MTPD70 ) - red RHCP logo shaped picture disc EMI UK 1989 Knock Me Down Punk Rock Classic Pretty Little Ditty
    Knock Me Down (7" US2431) EMI UK 1989 the same cover as the 12" mentioned above, but the title is printed in different colors and the tracks are different : Knock Me Down Show Me Your Soul
    Knock Me Down (7" MT70) EMI UK 1989 Knock Me Down Punk Rock Classic Pretty Little Ditty
    Higher Ground (CD CDMT88) (Single MT88) (TAPE ???) EMI 1990 Higher Ground Fight Like a Brave Behind the Sun Out in L.A. (single just has the first two songs)
    Higher Ground (12" 12MTPD88) limited edition picture vinyl EMI UK 1990 (yellow with a green & red spiral and member's pictures) Higher Ground (LP version) Higher Ground (Daddy-O mix) Fight Like a Brave (LP version)
    Higher Ground (12" 12MTG88) with gatefold sleeve EMI UK 1990 Higher Ground (Munchkin mix) Fight Like a Brave (LP version) Out in L.A.
    Jalapeno Sessions EMI? 1990 - green 7 in. If you want me to stay Me & My Friends Special Secret Song Inside
    Taste The Pain EP #2 (CD DPRO 04507) EMI 1990?? Taste the Pain - AOR version (no intro 4:05) Taste the Pain - off of Mother's Milk (4:30)
    Higher Ground (12" 12MTX75) EMI UK 1990 (The outer sleeve is a red chili to cut and fold) Higher Ground (LP version) Higher Ground (Munchkin mix) Politician (Mini Rap) Higher Ground (Bert Evans mix)
    Taste The Pain EP (CD CDMT85) (Single MT85) - UK EMI 1990 Taste the Pain Taste the Pain - lp version Show Me Your Soul Nevermind (the single has Taste and Show Me Your soul)
    Taste the Pain (10" 10MT85) Limited and Numbered Edition. EMI UK 1990 (The funny thing about it is that the disc is square !) Taste the pain (LP version) Show Me Your Soul (off the motion picture soundtrack "Pretty Woman") Castles (J.Hendrix cover - live version recorded in Cleveland 11/21/89)
    Taste the Pain (12" 10MTX85 ) EMI UK 1990 (The outer sleeve is yellow and represent the precreased RHCP logo to cut and fold) Taste the pain (LP version) Show Me Your Soul If You Want Me To Stay (Sly Stone cover off the "Freaky Styley" LP) Nevermind
    Taste the Pain (7" MT85) EMI UK 1990 Taste the Pain Show Me Your Soul

    Blood Sugar Sex Magik (CD 9 26681-2) (CD 9 26681-2 DJ PROMOTION ONLY) (CD ??) - a limited edition picture CD (a pattern made of red roses) (CD 7599-26681-2) (UK) (LP ???) (TAPE ???) 1991 Warner Bros. the Power of Equality If You Have to Ask Breaking the Girl Funky Monks Suck My Kiss I could have lied Mellowship Slinky in B major The Righteous & the Wicked Give it Away Blood Sugar Sex Magik Under the Bridge Naked in the Rain Apache Rose Peacock The Greeting Song My Lovely Man Sir Psycho Sexy They're Red Hot ( cover of a song by Robert Johnson, a blues great)

    Give it Away (CD: PRO CD 5042) Warner 1991 "Give it away" ( album version ) The disc has an enlarged photo in b&w of a baby's face. The back of the jewel box has a painting of the same baby in color that looks like some kind of Indian ( the middle east kind ) Hindu-type picture ( looks real weird ).
    Give it away (CD 9362-40206-2 (Germany)) - with colored baby face cover Warner Bros 1991. Give It Away (LP version) Search and Destroy - a cover of the Stooges Soul To Squeeze - sort of a lovey song, but one of their best i think, its one of the songs they sing in their new home video (funky monks) that is not on the album. ( Jay)
    Give it Away (CD 9-40261-2) Digipack CD with colored baby face cover (12" 9-40261-0) Warner Bros. 1991 Give It Away (single mix) Give It Away (12" mix) Search and Destroy Give It Away (rasta mix) Give It Away (album version)
    Suck My Kiss (CD PRO-CD-5234) - promo Radio Version (3:35) - clean!!! Album Version (3:35)
    Under The Bridge (CD WOO84CD) - Germany Warner 1992 Under the bridge Search and destroy Soul to squeeze Sikamikanico
    Under The Bridge (7" WOO84 ) UK Warner 1992 (Limited Edition with free enamel badge) Under the bridge Give it away (Single Mix)
    Under The Bridge PRO CD 5255 - promo, cover unseen Warner 1991 Under the bridge (4:24 - lp version)
    Under The Bridge (CD 9362-40206-2) (CD 9362-40358-2) (Germany) Warner Bros. 1992 Under The Bridge (LP version) Sikamikanico Give It Away (12" Mix) Give It Away (Rasta Mix)
    "SUCK MY KISS" EP - Limited Edition Tour Souvenir (CD 9362-40473-2) - Australia Warner 1992 Suck My Kiss (Lp version) Search and Destroy Fela's Cock (previously unreleased track)
    "GIVE IT AWAY" EP (CD 9362-40206-2) (Germany) Warner 1991 Give It Away (Lp version) Search and Destroy Soul to Squeeze
    "UNDER THE BRIDGE" EP (CD 9362-40358-2) - Germany (12" 9362-40358-0) - Germany Warner 1992 Under the Bridge (Lp version) Sikamikanico Give It Away (12" Mix) Give It Away (Rasta Mix)
    "UNDER THE BRIDGE" EP (CD 9362-40366-2(WOO84CD)) - UK (12" 9362-40366-0 (WOO84T)) -UK(?) Warner 1992 Under the Bridge (Lp version) Search and Destroy Soul to Squeeze Sikamikanico
    "UNDER THE BRIDGE" - Limited Edition with Enamel RHCP logo badge (7" 5439-19003-7 (WOO84) - UK Warner 1992 Under the Bridge (Lp version) Give It Away (Single Mix)
    "GIVE IT AWAY" (7" 5439-19144-7) - Germany Warner 1991 This one comes with a sheet written in german. Don't know what it's about, but seems to be short biography for radio Dj's I guess... Give It Away (Lp version) Search and Destroy
    BREAKING THE GIRL (CD EP) - 9362-40521-2 (Germany) Warner 1992 Breaking the Girl (Edit) 4:27 Fela's Cock 5:10 Suck My Kiss (Live) 3:45 I Could Have Lied (live) 4:33 Live tracks recorded: 28th December 1991, Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, California
    Soul To Squeeze (?? - ??) - Australia ??? ?? Soul to Squeeze Nobody Wierd Like Me (live) Live track recorded: 28th December 1991, Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, California
    Soul to Squeeze 5439-18041-2 (ISBN no.). Warner Bros. (?) 1993 Soul To Squeeze (Album Version) Written by Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith Published by Ensign Music Corporation/Moebetoblame Music BMI Produced by Rick Rubin Engineered by Brendan O'Brien Executive Album Producers : Michael Ostin and Peter Afterman Nobody Weird Like Me (Live) [Non-Album Track] Written by Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante and Chad Smith Published by Moebetoblame Music/Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc. BMI Mobile Recording by Westwood One Recorded Live at Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA (12/28/91) Mobile Recording Engineer : Bill Dawes "Soul To Squeeze" from the Warner Bros. album MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK CONEHEADS, a Paramount Pictures Release Available on Cassette and Compact Disc (4/2-45345) Cover illustration by Wayne Bradley Cover design and typography by Modern Dog
    Blood Sugar Sex Magik (sanitized!!!) I've just seen advertisements for this, does anyone have any info???
    This Is (Blood Sugar Sex Magik) KOREA Disc! 7599-26681-2(SW-F-0473) 1.Breaking the Girl 2.Mellowship Slinky in B major 3.Give it Away 4.Blood Sugar Sex Magik 5.Under the Bridge 6.Naked in the Rain 7.The Greeting Song 8.My Lovely Man 9.They're Red Hot

    What Hits!? (CD - E2-94762) EMI 1992 Higher Ground Fight Like a Brave Behind the Sun Me & My Friends Backwoods True Men Don't Kill Coyotes Fire Get Up and Jump Knock Me Down Under the Bridge Show Me Your Soul If You Want Me to Stay Hollywood Jungle Man The Brothers Cup Taste the Pain Catholic School Girls Rule Johnny Kick a Hole in the Sky

    Out in LA (will add info) "The Out In LA record is actually an excuse by EMI to publish their first demo tape recorded in Bijou Studios in LA in the Autumm of 1983 by Mark "Rooster" Richardson's advice. In fact, the band was not RHCP yet but Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem. The other material published in Out In LA is clearly there for filler." (Andres Guevara)

    1994 (Germany, Warner Borthers) RedLiveHotRareChiliRemixPeppersBox Live 1. Give It Away (Live) 3:43 2. Nobody Wierd Like Me (Live) 5:03 3. Suck My Kiss (Live) 3:45 4. I Could Have Lied (Live) 4:33 Rare 1. Soul To Squeeze (Non-Album Track) 4:50 2. Fela's Cock (Non-Album Track) 5:10 3. Sikamikanico (Non-Album Track) 3:25 4. Search And Destroy (Non-Album Track) 3:34 Remix 1. Give It Away (12" Mix) 6:02 2. Give It Away (Rasta Mix) 6:47 3. If You Have To Ask (The Disco Krisco Mix) 7:32 4. If You Have To Ask (Scott & Garth Mix) 7:12 5. If You Have To Ask (The Friday Night Fever Blister Mix) 6:34

    One Hot Minute 9362-45733-2 (Australia, limited edition "Gold" collector's edition individually numbered CD)) Will be released September 12, 1995 Aeroplane Stretch My friends Warped One hot minute Coffee shop Pea One big mob Deep kick Tearjerker Walkabout Shallow be thy game Falling into grace Blender ("My copy does not have the ... tracks [Stretch, Blender]" - (Joseph Breen))

    Warped Warner Bros. - 93624-35952 (Australia) 1. Warped (edit) 2. Pea (album version) 3. Melancholy Mechanics (non-lp track/previously unreleased) Composed by Anthony Kiedis/Flea/Dave Navarro/Chad Smith. Published by Three Pounds Of Love Music/EMI Blackwood INC.BMI. Produced by Rick Rubin. Recorded and mixed by D. Gardy. Additional engineering by David Schiffman. Mastered by Stephen Marcussen of Precision Mastering. Digitally edited by Don C. Tyler. Manufactured and Distributed by WEA Records a Division of Warner Music Australia. A Warner Music Group Company.

    Californication: SonicNet review

    Compilations: Pretty Woman Soundtrack (CD E2 93492, EMI) - Show Me Your Soul Soundtrack to the O'Neil Surf Video - Funky Crime Wayne's World Soundtrack (CD 926805, Warner Bros, 1992) - Sikamikanico Coneheads Soundtrack (??,??,1993) - Soul to Squeeze Takin' care of Business Soundtrack (??,??, ??) - a Cameo cover Beavis and Butthead Soundtrack (??, ??, ??) - Search and Destroy (Stooges cover) Basketball Diaries Soundtrack (??, ??, ??) - "I've Been Down (I could have floated)" by Flea, featuring Dave Navarro + Steve Perkins Twister Soundtrack - Melancholy Mechanics

    Other Appearances - music Flea: Who Be Dat - "Be Careful" , "Dance on Five" ( defunct Boston Funk band ) Jane's Addiction - horns on Idiots Rule, from the album "Nothing Shocking" Thelonius Monster album? Young MC - bass on "Bust the Move" and "Principal's Office" (appears in the video for the first, maybe the second) bass on Warren Zevon's "Leave My Monkey Alone", the last track on Warren's album "Sentimental Hygiene". How could you leave out the disgusting band Fear?(??) Flea used to play with them. They were on Slash records. I think they had 1 or 2 albums. Really sick though. (BRYAN POOLE) At The New Music Seminar in NYC, July 14-18, 1990, he played in a band called "My Free Stooges". credited with Dynamite on B.A.D.'s Megatop Phoenix, 1989, CBS. About the credit of Flea on Big Audio Dynamite's albums, I really think it's a confusion with someone of the BAD road crew, how could he have something to do with "Megatop Phoenix" which is a total crap ? (Yvan Jacquet) played trumpet in Fishbone and Thelonious Monk members' Trulio Disgracias. That's were he met Arik "The Freak" Marshall. After John Frusciante left, they occasionally played with the name "The Tree Amoebas". The 3rd ameba could be River Phoenix, whom Flea tried to re-animate when he died overdosed. (Andres Guevara) I beleive the third amoeba i[s] Steve Perkins (Joseph Breen) Flea is the barman in Butthole Surfers' video "Who was in my room last night". He gives the main character a smokey cocktail that makes him hallucinate. (Andres Guevara) with Algerian rai singer Rimitti, in which you can hear him play bass accompaning that 70 years old voice, with a background made of synth beds and Magrebbian ethnic instruments, such as a gamelan and others. Other collaborations are almost impossible to trace, because of bassist's hyperactivity. (Andres Guevara) with Bob Forrest on "Beautiful News" "flea played bass with "The Weirdos" on the album, Condor, he also played bass on an album entitled, Dressing for Pleasure, with "John Hassell". - Electric Head - Epi <> Flea played bass on an uptempo version of the song 'It's A Miracle' for the album 'Amused to Death' by Roger Waters (1992). He's also credited on the album (in the 'thanks to' section). The track has never surfaced, unfortunately - Friso Kuiper <> Jack Irons: I met Jack Irons in Lyon (France) in 1990 when he was drumming with the ex-Clash leader Joe Strummer but I suppose he's not doing it anymore since Joe Strummer is now singing with The Pogues. - (Yvan Jacquet) Flea & Hillel: Keith Levene - "Violent Opposition" on "If 6 was 9" ( Hendrix ) ( Oh yeah, Angelo from Fishbone is on this cut too...) Flea & Chad Smith: Supposedly are going to back up Johnny Cash on his next album Flea & Dave Navarro: Played on "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morrissette, from the "Jagged Little Pill" album, Maverick/Reprise 9362-459012 Anthony: Anthony collaborated with a Campaign against drugs, and had some troubles because he was not considerated to be the right person to do it. But spots were shot, and there are photos along with Iggy Pop (you will be able to see one in my RHCP Home Page), Beasty Boys and Jane's Addiction. The video is called "Trip on This" (Andres Guevara) "anthony keidis did an album with "Dr. John" entitled, Television." -Electric Head - Epi <> Everyone: I also met the actual line-up of the band on the "Mother's Milk" european tour and Anthony confirmed me the existence of the "Hollywood" single and told me that they played for a while with the ex-Dead Kennedys drummer D.Peligro. (Yvan Jacquet) Anthony and Flea tried out D.Peligro and Blackbird McKnight for RHCP after Hillel died and JIrons left, but they didnt work out. (Joseph Breen)

    Other Appearances - film Flea: Movie Database Entry Suburbia (1984, New Horizons) (aka The Wild Side) teenage punk with rat (billed as "Mike B. the Flea", from Flea's real name Mike Balzary) Stranded (1987, New Line) plays Jester the alien "... coming across remarkably well as aliens, especially Hughes and Flea, who seem 'human' despite their elaborate makeup." - The Motion Picture Guide, 1988 annual, CineBooks, Evanston, p. 281 Less Than Zero (1987,?) The movie database has Flea listed as in this movie, but it has not been checked. "He (+Jack Irons+Cole Dammett(?fake name for Anthony(his father used to call himself Blackie Dammett))) is listed in the credits I look for him in the scenes when they are in a club where a RHCP song (Fight lik a Brave) is playing, but couldn't make him out. There is a band in the background, but they are hidden by the crowd." (Joseph Breen) Dudes (1987, Cineworld) Plays a punker named Milo who gets killed (Directed by Penelope Spheeris, who directed Wayne's World) The Blue Iguana (1988, Polygram) "The only reason to see the Blue Iguana is Flea, whose pistol packing goon is killed off entirely too soon. His (and the films) best moment comes in the scene in which he turns funkmaster and jams big time to James Brown's 'Sex Machine'." - The Motion Picture Guide, 1989 annual, CineBooks, Evanston, p. 27 Plays "Floyd". Let's Get Lost (1989, Zeitgeist) the story of Chet Baker (famous trumpet player) Back to the Future 2 (1989, Universal) he's done up as an old man, and plays Doug Needles ( Michael J. Foxe's boss who fires him ) Back to the Future 3 (1990, Universal) Doug Needles as a teenager w/a mohawk driving a 4x4 My Own Private Idaho (1991, ?) Plays Bud, one of the street hustlers that lives with River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves. Not a really major part. Roadside Prophets (1992) Too Free Stooges Motorama (1992,?) a busboy at a restaurant that the main character stops. He helps him to steal some gas from a patron's car. He plays a simple- minded guy who thinks he's been entrusted with an important job by helping the main character, a kid Son-in-Law, The (1993) played the tatoo artist Chase, The (1994) Dale Anthony: Movie Database entry Point Break (1991, 20th Century Fox) he's a part of a group of drug dealing surfers who get mistaken as bank- robbers, and is shot in the foot...and HOWLS! "that would be a WASTE OF TIME!!!" - he gets beaten up by Patrick Swayze Chase, The Will Cliff Martinez: Movie Database entry King of the Hill (composer) Kafka (composer) Pump Up the Volume (composer) sex, lies and videotape (composer) Everyone: Thrashin' (1986,?) ( skate punk film ) doing "Blackeyed Blonde". (Note- Sherilyn Fenn appears as Velvet, 4 years before she is Audrey on "Twin Peaks") Tough Guys(1986, Silverscreen Partners/Touchstone) Anthony, Flea, Cliff Martinez, and Hillel do "Set it Straight" Demolition Man (1993) A RHCP poster appears in the retro-office, along with a Lethal Weapon poster (that movie was produced by the same person)

    Other Appearances - TV Flea: "Idiot Box" (MTV show w/Alex Winters of Bill & Ted's fame) Urban Dance Squad's "Living in the Fast Lane" "He has blue(?) hair, and inverts a can of drink over his mouth, catching about half of it." - ZoSo <> MTV 1st Annual Jock 'n Rock, slam 'n jam benefit basketball tournament. The Ben Stiller Show, Fox, 12/13/92, with his daughter Flea & Anthony: hosts, 120 Minutes (MTV show) Ice Cube video Wickeddestroying a house with sledgehammers 1993 MTV Video Music Awards (or just Flea?) presenting award(s) "One year _both_ of them (with Tony Bennett) presented an award for one of those shows (i quess '93 MTV)." (Joseph Breen) Flea & Chad: MTV sports, playing basketball against the host and ?. I think they won. :-) Everyone: Nike ad with Andre Agassi. The chilis play unfunky rock as Agassi plays tennis with a light show. Something about the Rock 'n roll school of tennis Late Night with David Letterman (I= (Ray Kuo) ) I saw them about two years ago on this show which started out called "Sunday Night" or something like that and was changed to "Michelob presents Night Music" and was hosted by David Sanborn. They used to show a lot of interesting groups along with some really neat jazz. I remember seeing the Residents, Sun Ra, Jack Bruce, and some rap group on this show. Anyways, the Chili Peppers were on here and they played Subway to Venus and Sexy Mexican Maid. Flea wore his trademark stuffed animal pants, and they were totally spastic, jumping all around and raising their usual hell. At the end of one of the songs, while John was wailing away in a feedback frenzy, Anthony did a handstand and walked into John, nailing the guitar with his crotch. They both went crashing and flailing onto floor, ending the song. Cracked me up! You might also want to add that they hosted City Limits (Much Music's alternative show) but I can't be certain if they did the whole show... And they did a great interview last year on MM which had to be censored when it was replayed later on in the evening. (It was shown live the first time...). - (Oliver Postlethwaite) Saturday Night Live, Feb. 22, 1992. Played Stone Cold Bush & Under the Bridge i heard the chilis and nirvana were on the ABC In Concert show friday night [4/19/92]. friends say that it was pathetic though.. no live concert footage just under the bridge and give it away videos with a couple of questions for the band. - ( Jay) Played "Give it Away" on the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards - the stage was awash in people dancing, and Flea was only wearing a baggy pair of underpants. They also won the Breakthrough Video and Viewer's Choice awards. Angelo Moore (fishbone), Ice T and Dave Abruzzesse (ex-Pearl Jam) joined them on stage. [thanks (Andres Guevara) for catching Ice T and Dave!] The Larry Sanders Show - they were announced guests but weren't shown because that's the kind of show it is, so they didn't really appear, but in some sort of wierd alternate universe they DID appear so that's why they're listed here. Played on the 1993 Grammy Awards I've just got to say that watching the Chili Peppers and George Clinton's Funk All-Stars (I think that's the name) perform "Give It Away" for the Grammys was unbelievable. George may be getting up there in years, but the man (and his band) is still talented as hell. A friend of mine commented that Arik Marshall looked as if he felt outclassed... (Jeremy Lyn Hart) In the 1993 Grammy Awards, Anthony kissed Eddie Vedder in the mouth. (Andres Guevara) The Simpsons, "Krusty Gets Kanceled", [9F19], originally broadcast 5/13/93 (last episode of season 4), w/ Ari Marshal.

    Video... Positive Mental Octupus - contains the following videos: True Men Don't Kill Coyotes Jungle Man Catholic School Girls Rule Fire (with them just in socks...) Fight Like a Brave Knock Me Down Higher Ground Taste the Pain The following videos haven't been released on video yet: Suck My Kiss Give It Away Under the Bridge Breaking the Girl Behind the Sun Soul to Squeeze (no guitarist in evidence!) About the behind the sun video, have you notice that it's exactly the same video that the one for "Higher Ground" ? Only the background have changed (the paintings) and the cuts (?) are different because of the tempo of the song ... - (Yvan Jacquet) Psychadelic Sex-Funk Live From Heaven (live - 40 minutes) (from Positive Mental Octupus tour, Long Beach, CA) There's also a video called I think "Skate Rock" or something like that which was a Vision Street Wear sponsored skateboard contest which the chili peppers played live for. Lots of cool skating and flea going haywire. This is circa Hillel and Jack. Funky Monk (60 minutes) it is mostly a "cockumentary" as anthony says. it was filmed by a friend of theirs when they were recording the album and has just little tid bits of all sorts of things, like anthony singing, to flea playin, and john trying to be really deep and stupid, and so on and so on. theres no real music in it, dont expect any videos if you buy it. whether or not its any good depends on your tastes, some friends of mine wish they never saw it cause they have lost most of their respect for the chilis. ( Jay) the O'Neil Surf Video - Funky Crime What Hits (EMI, 1992)

    Misc Info- fIREHOSE interview #2 with Mike Watt (3/5/92). K ==> (interviewer) (Brian K!z!K MacDonald) M ==> Mike Watt K: Well, anyway, the Chili Peppers dedicated their latest album to you. What do you have to say about that....? M: SOUNDS LIKE SHIT, STEVE! [Turning and directing his displeasure at the soundman] ....[Turning back to me].... Ok, what do you want me to think about that -- I thought it was a very sweet thing of Flea and Anthony. I don't know the two new guys so much. Well, I GOTTA tell ya, about the Chili Peppers. I mean, the first Chili Pepper gig was opening for Minutemen, so we go way back...Flea and Anthony. Anthony Kiedis was chosen as one of the 1993(?) 10 Worst Dressed in the October 29, 1993 issue of People Magazine

    Bio - (A special thank you to (Karin Zirk), who typed the following in - what follows is almost verbatim of the mail I received from her) Here is the official Red Hot Chili Peppers Biography as put out by the Rockinfreakapotamus Peoplehood, Inc. (August 1990) Red Hot Chili Peppers were conceived in 1983 in a living room in Hollywood where four close buddies from Fairfax High School (Anthony Kiedis, Hillel Slovak, flea and Jack Irons) performed an acappella rehearsal for a performance to take place at the legendary Rhythm Lounge. The performance consisted of one song, "Out In L.A." which, traditionally, remained their opening song in every live show to date. [Up to November '89 definitely not for BSSM tour in '91, maybe not for '90 tour - lsh] The band soon developed a strong following in Los Angeles, something unheard of considering the fact that the band had only been in existence for a couple of months and had not yet pressed a single album. It was at this point that Hillel Slovak and Jack Irons decided to continue their prior commitment in their former band, WHAT IS THIS?, while Flea (also formerly a member of WHAT IS THIS?) and Anthony Kiedis recruited Jack Sherman (guitar) and Cliff Martinez (drums). After being signed to EMI Records this line-up recorded the band's first and self-titled debut album. In 1985 Hillel Slovak rejoined the group while Sherman pursued a career as a studio musician. The band recorded their second album, FREAKY STYLEY, in Detroit with the FUNK GOD, George Clinton, acting as producer. In 1986 Cliff Martinez was replaced by Jack Irons, reuniting the original line-up. The band's third LP entitled THE UPLIFT MOFO PARTY PLAN was released in 1987 and, as always, the "Hardest working band in show business" followed it's release with a ridiculously extensive tour. They maintained as unusually huge (sold out) live audience, considering their record company had chosen to ignore them purely because of their confusion about the band's type of music. Nevertheless, the tour was great success. In June 1988 Hillel Slovak died, leaving Anthony, Flea and Jack devastated at the loss of a beautiful friend. It was as that time that Jack Irons left the band, unable to continue with a constant reminder of such an intense loss. [He ended up playing with Pearl Jam (Andres Guevara)] Anthony and Flea made the choice to continue on. Anthony says "Flea and I realized that we couldn't stop because of the death of our best friend. It was going to be a permanent source of sadness in our lives, but we wanted to keep the Red Hots going because, after five years, it had become our lives." Anthony and Flea then set out to find two partners who would not only be top of the line musicians, but lifelong friends as well. Enter John Frusciante, a then 18-year old guitarist who Flea knew from impromptu jams in those recent months. Anthony happened to be present while John was trying out with another Hollywood band, Thelonius Monster. It was via this try-out the John joined the Peppers. John recalls, "Anthony heard me that day and went home to tell Flea that I should be a Pepper, not a Monster. Anthony then called me and told me the same thing and that I was now an equal member of the Red Hots." "They were my favorite band in the world. I knew every lyric, every guitar part, every solo, and bass part, and had always felt their music to be a source of peace and beauty in my life. I always felt very spiritually and philosophically connected with the band's ideals and way of life. The moment I joined the band was probably the most intense rush of pure happiness I will ever experience in my life." Finding a drummer was more difficult. After auditioning, and playing with about 40 drummers, none of whom had the mind, body, spirit, and cock that was necessary to be a Pepper, the threesome found Chad Smith. "Chad is a human power plant behind the drums" says Anthony. "He gives it all he has and looks hysterical doing it." As Flea so eloquently puts it, "He has the soul of ten thousand soul monkeys from outer space." Anthony, John, Flea and Chad jumped right into recording their most recent album, MOTHER'S MILK and, following it's release, began a nine month tour of the world and elsewhere. MOTHER'S MILK was a success, both artistically and financially, bringing the band their first Gold Album. On June 16, 1990, the band was introduced at the Greak Theater, (in L.A.) by none other than David St. Hubbins of the legendary group Spinal Tap, which the band apparently feels is the greatest honor a group could receive, in this day and age. Now that this current line-up is, as Flea puts it, "Tighter than a mosquito's asshole," they are putting their bodies, brains and sexual organs to work to write and record the best music that GOD and the cosmic forces that be will allow them to make. About their direction John claims, "The funky stuff will be funkier, the heavy stuff will be heavier, and the melodic stuff will be more beautiful. Some of it will just be out. Our lives are based on our music and vice-versa and we just want to keep expanding while retaining the energy and flame of cosmicity that this band has had from day one." At the time this is being written (August 1990) Anthony is spending the better part of his time with his beautiful girlfriend - Carmen, John with his cigarettes, Flea with his confusion and Chad, in the presence of the Martocci moment. Red Hot Chili Peppers is not four individuals, but one Positive Mental Octopus. It is here to spread love and peace to whoever wants it. For those of you in search of the meaning of life: find a good burrito place, eat there and be kind to your fellow man. ************************************** Notes: Gina Martocci is Chad's girlfriend and the moment is sexual. They played four of the new songs on New Year's Eve. One was slow and pretty, the other three more like Knock Me Down (eg less funk, more rock) Hillel died of a heroin overdose. I hope this helps you all out. When I got this I was real surprised because I had always thought that Hillel and Jack were there for the entire thing. Also, there was no mention of Flea playing in FEAR which I know he did but for how long I don't know. There were great interviews with the band in the January or February 1990 issue of SPIN Magazine and if I remember correctly, in August, September or October in Thrasher Magazine. May the funk be with you, Karin Zirk

    NOTE: Since the above was written, John Frusciante has left the band and Ari Marshal has replaced him. Ari went with the RHCP's on the '92 Lollapaloza tour, and has since left - as of 7/93 they do not have a guitarist. Dave Navarro joined the band in ??? & recorded One Hot Minute with them.

    Fan Club info (as of 10/91): for $15 in US or canada $18 overseas (US funds) you get (I quote): Clip-on laminate membership card Special cassette recording (only available through the fan club) Special edition post card and sticker Speical, limited edition fold-out poster And as a Rockinfreakapotami you will receive quarterly newsletters, concert information for your area, access to merchandise available only to fan club members, and many more promotional items Address: Rockinfreatapotamus Peoplehood Inc. 11012 Ventura Blvd. Suite 98 Studio City, CA 91604 (include phone # if you are sending $$ to be in the fan club) You can also send a S.A.S.E for a catalog... For some reason, I don't have a problem spending >$20 on tickets (twice), lots of $$ to road trip to Boston to see them, $22 on a t-shirt, and $12 for Blood Sugar Sex Magik, but I'm reluctant to spend $15 to join this fan club. [I got email from someone who joined & said it wasn't worth it] Also - would anyone actually have the pull to start a chili peppers mailing list??? I'm not even going to ask the sys admin people here... We could call it "good-time-boys" or "freaky" or something... :-)

    Concert dates (from Karin Zirk): For information on the Chili Pepper's tour schedule you can call their Fan Club Hot Line at (818)769-1693 It gives you information on their touring schedule.

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