My Post Card from sjt

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The Rocket Motel
by Stefan Agamanolis

the message begins here:
On the Geese of Descent in the winter of my waterNet, ticks a 
thousand bearings strong inflicting sufficient altruistic efficiencies
to shame a liter of the garbage can fluids.
Try public transit, try a gridded network of groaning voltage, try
an appliance for every though-out proteinacous couscous derivative
sacrificed for the honor of the Geese's Fleas' filial piety.
Proteinacious?  Try a eukaryotic cell in flamboyance vs. emphasis.
Mettling?  Try the incomprehension of postcards with words
glued to works over ragged bright-red meaty edges.
That, then, is this.
A brainfart.
Raisin bran.
Full-coated parks of yellow yogurt and a pinball machine
of watermelon Goodyear blimpinacious construction.
A hideous proteinacious hideaway.
Forget the zeppelin, forget the Zug, the Flugzug, the flying
bats of Borneo.
Collect at tommorrow and blastulate.
A flagella.
Gossimer tofu.
A futon, an anus, a picked-apart pan of papoli.
Grass stems.

This postcard was sent to me by Sam Trychin ( ).
It will be available for your perusal forever.