"Give it to Holden, he's good." -Deckard (Harrison Ford), Blade Runner

"I have every confidence in your nerdy hack abilities"
- Brown undergrad, since graduated, in email to me

"This seems to be bordering on obsessive behavior."
- from email to me about me, later- "You are a nerd."

You're a stud possessed of tungsten testes.
-in email to me

"You're funny in spite of yourself" - my roommate

"Sometimes, Loring, you're such a buffoon"
-one of my loving relatives

"You're starting to sound a little like an axe-murderer or stalker"
- a family member to me in email

"he is a gimp, regardless of how he perfectly embodies the voyeur / man-child / hacker aesthetic."
-rumor, about me

"Don't lie, please. My people no [sic] that you have it. We will keep eye on you" - from email to me

from email to me about how I work too much on my web pages:
Don't you have anything better to do with your time? I have read all kinds of cools things about Brown University. Thousands upon thousands of very rich liberal women. You must have the world by the balls to be in such an environment. Lucky You!

Anagrams of Loring Swift Holden:

Egos find now thrill
Fill grown hedonist
Filth drooling news
Fondling with loser
Fool whistling nerd
Nerd whilst fooling
To hells if drowning
Thrilling food news

Me to Jesse (my brother-in-law): Wow - you have 3 bedrooms, a big backyard. You're ready to have kids!
Jesse: Let's see if we can deal with you for a weekend first

"i'm surprised someone of your age is hip to the pop-culture scene..."
- from email to me

Loring, you'll always be the man. I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut in your world...
- from email to me

yeah, right, you *bastard*!!!!!!!! just kidding.... you're as far from bastard as men come. plus you have that great name.
- from email to me

"I was quite impressed. I think Loring has come a long way from what I remember 4 years ago."
about how I was 4 years ago: "You weren't bad, just a little flighty and not with it."

"Shake, shake shake..." - me, out loud
"shake your booty" - response, out loud
first zwrite response: Amazing, you found someone on your own odd little wavelength.
second zwrite response: your wavelength is pretty fucked up, i think....

"I think you're a wonderful person but you snore like a motherfucker" -bcz to lsh

"sigh ... I cannot share a room with you Loring, no matter how good a coder you are.' -bcz

"You're looking smooth... Did an Abercrombie & Fitch model lynch you?"

"You need to dress like this every day"

"Thanksgiving happened and you're a new man"

One person said my new glasses made me look like Drew Carey, and in response: "i like the quotes.....drew carey is a hell of a handsome man!"

"i like the glasses. drew carey my ass"

"i assume your tolerance hasn't improved since december, i.e. you haven't quite surpassed the high-school-sophomore-girl level..."
-Caroline Green

"long story short, loring handles his beer like old women handle canceled bingo . poorly."
-Tom Thompson

Have you seen Fight Club? It is said to be about everything that is bad about Hollywood.

I love you,

You saw Pearl Jam? What the hell. When did your life become so kick ass.
-in email to me